A Little Update

So I know I’m horrible at updating blogs and I also always say that I am going to get better at posting more…..but I think that jinks me! So I am not going to do it today! (Or have I already jinxed myself by mentioning the jinx in the first place??)

So as some of you know, I am taking the majority of my classes online this semester. This has turned out to be a little of a challenge with the enormous amount of reading you have to do (which I am actually procrastinating on an essay just to write this blog. But who doesn’t procrastinate right?) Between classes, Sigma Alpha, work, and church I am amazed to say that it is finally OCTOBER!!! It’s time for ghosts and ghouls, candy and fun!!!! Can you tell that this is one of my most favorite times of the year? I am especially excited about a Halloween carnival that my church is putting on for the Domestic Violence Shelter in town, which I am of course helping to decorate!

But another reason that I am excited that October is here, is it is time to start planning for NaNoWriMo!! As I’ve said before I was starting to write a novel, but that has kind of hit a wall. So, instead I have decided to do NaNoWriMo this year and hopefully get some of these ideas that I have been itching to get down on paper out! Wish me luck!

Last but not least! Since it is October that means Fall Break! Which is finally here for us poor college students but sadly this Fall Break is going to be spent studying in preparation to get all my homework done before next weekend! I’m trying to get a head of the ball so that I can relax when the college group goes on a Fall Retreat to Christmont which is a camp type retreat in North Carolina! It’s going to be gorgeous and it’ll be good to get away for a while.
Now that I have sufficiently procrastinated on my essay which is now due is 3 hrs I should probably go write a little.

I hope everyone is stopping to smell the roses every now and then!

Nicole 🙂


How to nail Nanowrimo – post at Writers & Artists

NaNoWriMo is on it’s way! I can’t believe it’s already that time of year again, better start planning!

Nail Your Novel

nano1nailnanowaNearly November! I’m at Writers & Artists today with a preparation regime for November’s big writing event, National Novel-Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

It’s ultra-streamlined to suit all writing approaches. If you like to create a detailed synopsis, my tips will get you going. If you want only the barest essentials, they’ll guide you while giving you room to explore and express. And if you’re still undecided or wonder if NaNoWriMo is even possible, hopefully they’ll persuade you to take the plunge.

Step this way…

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A Crazy Summer-A Quick Update

So, as I’ve posted a couple times already….this summer has been ridiculously busy. Between church events, mission weeks, work, and family being in town I think it has been almost as busy as last semester (which is saying something, because I can’t even remember all I did last semester). Anyway, over the last couple weeks since my last blog update I’ve had a few random thoughts that I’ve been meaning to post. So, I’ve decided to put them all in one blog 🙂 So here goes nothing!

1. Kids and Energy- As I mentioned, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family lately and even recently went to a big family reunion (I also just got finished babysitting my little cousin who is 8 years old) and all I have to say is were do these kids get all their energy. I mean I’m a pretty busy person and I have a lot of energy, but kids these days just seem to have an over abundance of energy. They never want to stop! But along with that energy comes an innocence that I believe we could all learn from. Not only do children look up to adults to help them learn about the world, but they genuinely look at the world and see it as a magical place with things that are meant to  discovered and explored. I strongly believe that as college students and adults, we have gotten used to the day to day grid, the seemingly rat-race of life, and we forget to look outside of our own boxes and see the wonders of the world that surround us. Life isn’t always about money and fixing problems, its about living life to the fullest and doing what you love to do.


2. Reality T.V.- My father and I are avid Big Brother watchers. And yes the show is full of lies, cheating, backstabbing, etc. But it’s a very entertaining show, it’s kind of like watching a big train wreck….you just can’t take your eyes off of it. Now as far as I’m concerned the last 14 seasons have been relatively ok, yet it still shocks me sometimes what these contestants will do on the show when they are fully aware that “America is watching 24/7”. The biggest shocker of the season so far has been that one of the players has been making some very racist comments about other house guests ethnic groups, yet when she was confronted by someone about this she blatantly said it was not true. This is why I would never go on a show like Big Brother. Not only do your true colors show, but everything is put out there for EVERYONE to know and it truly effects your personal life afterwards. Which is definitely not worth half a million dollars.

3. Writing- Update on my book…..well it hasn’t been started yet. But I’ve recently acquired a old electric typewriter which I have been messing around with for a while now. Because of this rather awesome gift, I have been playing around with the idea of actually getting one of the really old typewriters. My question to ya’ll is….does anyone know the best place to look for one?

4. Mission Trip- This past week my mom and I took our church Youth Group on a week long mission trip. We stayed in town, but for a full week we worked at the local Domestic Violence Shelter. We cleaned their whole building, painted a jungle mural on the wall, and did some much needed work around the church as well. I was so proud of these young guys and gals for their enthusiasm for helping the shelter out. They worked very hard and really showed the light of Christ by doing great deeds. We were exhausted by the end of the week, but it was a good feeling to just put aside my busy schedule and give back to the community.

5. Disciples University/Christian Young Adults Fellowship (C.Y.A.F.)- Those of you who know me, know that I am largely involved in my church and the ministries that we support. Well let’s add another thing to my list 🙂 We are starting a college group at our church and I am spear-heading the movement. So far I’ve got a teacher, a room, and a small group of college students who are very eager to start the group. We got the name, Disciples University, from the idea of Monster’s University, and the young adults are running with the idea. We are creating shirts, painting a mural, cleaning up the room, and are gearing up for what I hope will be a very fun and interesting first semester for our group. We are also planning on starting an MTSU Disciples group at the Middle Tennessee State University campus here in town so that we can invite and be in fellowship with Disciples of Christ from all over Tennessee. This looks like a very promising group and if anyone is interested in joining just comment below and I can get you some information about either or both groups 🙂

Well that’s basically it. I’ve been busy and seem to keep getting busier but I’ll always have some time to update what’s going on/some of my thoughts throughout the week.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. And don’t forget to take a break every once in awhile to smell the roses!

DFTBA (let me know if you know what this means too! :D)

Nicole M.  

So Hi Again!

So yeah, I am horrible at updating 🙂

Update on my life so far….

I’ve recently started a job, which to say the least isn’t all that fun but you have to work if you want to get a paycheck right? Anyway it’s basically doing inventory at one of the warehouses that my dad supplies staff for. The job only lasts for a couple weeks so I will soon be back to being lazy around the house….well at least until term starts back.

Besides that and a very unfortunate upper respiratory infection that I’m just getting over, my life hasn’t been all that exciting. But that’s beside that point. Today, while watching BBC Sherlock and making a very exciting gift for my best friend (which I will not describe because I know she will probably read this blog) I got the writing bug again :D.

Yep that’s right, I am going to try and write some more of my book (even though it’s a different idea, for a totally different book). But that’s how it goes isn’t it? Ideas come and ideas go, some are good and some….well really suck. 🙂 I’ll keep ya’ll updated on how this book idea pans out 🙂 How knows I might have one of ya’ll proof read it, if she wants to.


😀 Talk to ya’ll soon!


That Moment When…

So as you all saw, last week was the heck finals week for the student at MTSU. Which involved late night studying and a climax of me getting to the point of not caring anymore…I mean an A is an A anyway you cut it right? Whether it’s a 92 or a 96 doesn’t really matter that bad. 🙂

All I have to say about finals is this. Wednesday was the fateful day of my very last final and upon walking out of the KOM I felt like a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Personally, it was a moment when I wished that life came with a soundtrack. I felt like “We Are The Champions” or a chancel choir singing Hallelujahs should have bursted into song at that exact moment. I mean really, wouldn’t life be so much more amuzing if we all had our own soundtracks playing in the background as we go around doing our day to day activities? Soundtracks make movies better so wouldn’t it do the same for life?

So now that I have been on summer break for a total of five days, I have done absolutely nothing that was all that productive except for playing at least 10 hours of video games and hanging out with my brother who is in town for the next few weeks. This is what my entire break is going to be like, nothing but sleeping in, playing video games, eating food, and riding my horse. It is going to be a glorious summer break and I’m even slightly excited about next semester. I’m testing out what it’s like to take the majority of your courses online next semester. This will include: Intro to Sociology, History 1 (Colonization-Civil War), Abnormal Psycology, Behavioral Statistics for Psychology, Horse Breeds and Genetics, and finally Women’s Chorale. Basically a full load! But it should be fun.

Now that I have more time on my hands, I am planning on updateing a lot more. As some of you can tell I like to post about random thoughts or ideas that pop into my head and sometimes even events that inspired me to think of something. But over this very hectic semester I honestly didn’t have the time to post much, so now that I have the time I promise to utilize it effectively and get more of my ideas out there. 🙂

It’s Crunch Time!!!

Finals are finally here!!! Which means a bunch of late nights filled with coffee and cramming. That is until I gladly make it to Wednesday night! Then I’m offically done with Spring semester 2013!!! It’s been hectic and fast, but I’m pretty glad to see that Summer is finally here!

On other news, as some of your know, I work the Renaissance Festival every weekend in May. The festical started off this weekend and due to the rain it didn’t go exactly like we planned, but due to the fact that I was sick (with a fever and throwing up) I didn’t go. So my weekend was filled of marathoning BBC Merlin and Gilmore Girls, which was amazing 🙂

Well I just wanted to give a little update to everyone 🙂 I’ll be cramming/studying for the next couple days and I’ll update as soon as I make it through all that. Good luck to everyone taking finals!


The Real Life of A College Student

So…you know how as a high school teenager you watch movies such as Sorority Wars and She’s All That, or even tv shows like Gilmore Girls that glorify the college experience. It shows young watchers that college is a wonderful life full of amazing professors, few pieces of homework, and fraternity/college parties that end in that amazing guy who you’ve had a crush of for forever finally asking you out by the end of the night.

Well for those of you who believe this myth I’m sorry to break it to you but that is not true at all. For me college has involved many late nights cramming for a lot of hard courses, some amazing professors….some horrible ones, and a wonderful friendship with an amazing girl named Ashley Starr 🙂

Anyway, I also wanted to bust the myth of amazing college parties….yes some people might have these “amazing” party experiences BUT I just want to say I’m not that kind of person. I’d much rather cuddle up in my room with a good book and a cup of tea instead of going out and partying any day of the week. And this is what brings me to the reason for my post….I am hopelessly addicted to Netflix I think admitting you have a problem is the first step in the 12 step program, Am I right? 🙂 Well, as some of you know I am an avid Doctor Who/LOTR/Harry Potter/Star Wars/Star Trek/BBC Robin Hood/BBC Merlin fan and of course most of these are on Netflix 24/7 on my television. But I must now gladly add another Geeky show onto my list of Geeky tendencies. I have now happily/sadly entered into the Sherlock fandom.

My best friend Ashley is currently taking a Sherlock Holmes literature course, and due to this we both decided to have a Sherlock Holmes weekend (because who would want to go out on the town when you can stay at home in PJs and watch Beneditch Cumberpatch run around on your tv)! Needless to say it was amazing! We watched all six episodes (1 hr 30 minute long episodes) in 24 hours. While of course going to church, youth group, and setting up for the Renaissance Festival….we haven’t slept much this weekend. It was worth it though! Cause Ashley now knows who she is going to marry, Beneditch Cumberpatch just doesn’t know it yet apparently haha! But now that we have caught up to the season….we have to wait until Fall to see the next season! I hate getting caught up to seasons!

Thanks to Ashley I’ve had a wonderful weekend and am ready to tackel the next 2 weeks of classes (thought I only have to go 7 days lol go me!) This little rant was fun 🙂 I’m starting to get into the hang of blogging more than once a week! This is twice in the last two days! Go me!!!! 🙂

Talk to Ya’ll Soon:D