The Art of Being Awkward

We all have those horrible moments in our lives where the situation you find yourself in is so horrifying that you would rather curl up in a ball and disappear. These moments normally leave you feeling embarrassed, self-conscious, red-faced, and feeling like you might want to kick yourself for something you have said. Well I can happily say I have perfected the art of awkwardness. 🙂 Maybe it comes with the territory of being a nerd (and no I’m not your stereotypical nerd who stays inside all the time playing video games….I am a Horse Science major thank you very much) but man can I cause some awkward moments. And of course they all end up being with the opposite gender!  What is it about the opposite gender that makes us all embarrassed and clumsy (this goes both ways because guys can be just as awkward around girls!) Well here is what happened to me.


Awkward story one….

As some of you know I enjoy singing a lot. I’ll sing anywhere…in my car, in the shower, at church. So I’m in the Women’s Choir at my college and I was leaving rehearsal early Thursday so that I could get to my next class on time, because I’m technically not signed up for the Women’s Choir class period. I just love the class so much I decided to take it for no credit. Well anyway, I was feeling particularly cute that day. The weather felt like fall so I had some really cute knee-high boots on, which I had stuck my phone in for safe keeping during class, and an adorable shirt (and no it didn’t have anything to do with any fandoms on it). And I notice this rather cute guy standing in the door way. So first what do I do…..I open the door to leave and actually trip other the door I opened (don’t ask me how I did it…I’m just that skilled). He chuckled…I was embarrassed and tried to laugh it off as he nicely held the door open for me. Now comes the second awkward moment. About the time that I walked through the door and thanked him, my phone started buzzing and where is it…in my boot. So instead of stopping walking, I continue to walk and try to get my phone out but I’m so frazzled from the running into the door and trying to act cool about it, I can’t get my phone out. AWKWARD. This guy couldn’t help but grin as he complemented my on my nice boots once I had succeeded in retrieving my phone. And what was all I could think of saying…Thanks! He continued on to open the outside door for me and say “have a nice day” but I was so embarrassed I couldn’t help but laugh and wonder what in the world that guy must think of clumsy little me.

Awkward Story Number 2.

On this blog I have ranted a few times about how social media has gotten in the way of how we communicate to one another in a person-to-person way. But this blog will not have any ranting. Instead I will impart on you, my second sad tale of how awkward I am. So the one good thing about social media is it does give everyone a way to re-connect with old friends from high school and such. Well I decided to take advantage of this technology and contact an old friend whom we parted on bad terms. At the time we were friends we both had rather bad influences for friends and that brought out the worst in us. Anyway, so I Facebook messages him and surprisingly he responded rather quickly and we talked for a little while.But it soon got awkward. He was polite and so was I and we were both happy to reconnect but at the end of the conversation I gave him my number and said we should talk more and catch up sometime soon. AWKWARD. I think I rushed into that one a little too blindly, because we have yet to talk and that was last week sometime. I guess I could have handled that one a little more smoothly.

So what is it about guy and girls that makes us so awkward around each other. Because I know from experience that when I head into a situation I have it all planned out that I am going to act cool and nonchalant. But I of course end up tripping on an invisible object, running into the door, and dropping all of my books at the same time while stuttering out a hello or being completely silent (I’m not speaking from experience or anything here). And you always think in High School that once you get into College it will all get so much better, but believe me it doesn’t. So I guess I need to just cool my jets and wait for someone just as clumsy as me to come tripping in the door after me (pun-intended) 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my little insight into awkwardness even though the majority of this was me just telling a few rather entertaining stories now that I look back at them. 😀   On the news front. My writing has been going rather well. I have a few people who have agreed to proof read what I am writing. And to those people I just want to say thank you so much for volunteering…or letting me rope you into it. Whichever way you want to look at it.

For more current up dates on my writing process you can follow me on twitter or instagram. I tend to update those more frequently than my blog which I am completely sorry about, but I’m trying to get better at this.

Until Next Time!

Nicole 🙂