Save The Dome at CCC!


As most of y’all know I am very involved in the church and we have a major campaign going. Central Christian Church was built in 1911so the building is 103 years old so needless to say it has its creaks and quirks. And an old building does wear down. After years of trying to patch the memorable gold dome up, it has now come to the point that it either needs to be repaired completely or taken off. So we started a capital campaign called ” Save the Dome” to raise money to completely redo the dome. Over the past couple of week, Disciples of Christ on Campus, our college ministry has been blanketing Murfreesboro and picking up donations for a yard sale.
Because what better way is there to raise money than to have a large yard sale.

There was not a shortage of donations to be found. We have a large painting collection, a huge coca cola collection, as well as clothes, house wares, and a large book collection!

We are trying to spread the word to everyone in Murfreesboro about our sale so that we can save our beloved dome that has been on our building for over 100 years.

So whether you are a book lover, looking for that perfect piece of furniture for house, or just want to drop by to grab a plate of barbeque that we will be selling for lunch (only $5). Please come and see us. We have amazing deals and let us know how you found out about our sale.

I absolutely love the church I’ve grown up in and who wouldn’t when you can explain that you go to the church with the big gold dome on the square! (Yes it is not a mosque).

So come by tommorow from 7am-12 and grab some deals and some grub!
404 East Main Street
Murfreesboro, TN 37130


God Bless,
Nicole Martin