So Hi Again!

So yeah, I am horrible at updating 🙂

Update on my life so far….

I’ve recently started a job, which to say the least isn’t all that fun but you have to work if you want to get a paycheck right? Anyway it’s basically doing inventory at one of the warehouses that my dad supplies staff for. The job only lasts for a couple weeks so I will soon be back to being lazy around the house….well at least until term starts back.

Besides that and a very unfortunate upper respiratory infection that I’m just getting over, my life hasn’t been all that exciting. But that’s beside that point. Today, while watching BBC Sherlock and making a very exciting gift for my best friend (which I will not describe because I know she will probably read this blog) I got the writing bug again :D.

Yep that’s right, I am going to try and write some more of my book (even though it’s a different idea, for a totally different book). But that’s how it goes isn’t it? Ideas come and ideas go, some are good and some….well really suck. 🙂 I’ll keep ya’ll updated on how this book idea pans out 🙂 How knows I might have one of ya’ll proof read it, if she wants to.


😀 Talk to ya’ll soon!