The Real Life of A College Student

So…you know how as a high school teenager you watch movies such as Sorority Wars and She’s All That, or even tv shows like Gilmore Girls that glorify the college experience. It shows young watchers that college is a wonderful life full of amazing professors, few pieces of homework, and fraternity/college parties that end in that amazing guy who you’ve had a crush of for forever finally asking you out by the end of the night.

Well for those of you who believe this myth I’m sorry to break it to you but that is not true at all. For me college has involved many late nights cramming for a lot of hard courses, some amazing professors….some horrible ones, and a wonderful friendship with an amazing girl named Ashley Starr 🙂

Anyway, I also wanted to bust the myth of amazing college parties….yes some people might have these “amazing” party experiences BUT I just want to say I’m not that kind of person. I’d much rather cuddle up in my room with a good book and a cup of tea instead of going out and partying any day of the week. And this is what brings me to the reason for my post….I am hopelessly addicted to Netflix I think admitting you have a problem is the first step in the 12 step program, Am I right? 🙂 Well, as some of you know I am an avid Doctor Who/LOTR/Harry Potter/Star Wars/Star Trek/BBC Robin Hood/BBC Merlin fan and of course most of these are on Netflix 24/7 on my television. But I must now gladly add another Geeky show onto my list of Geeky tendencies. I have now happily/sadly entered into the Sherlock fandom.

My best friend Ashley is currently taking a Sherlock Holmes literature course, and due to this we both decided to have a Sherlock Holmes weekend (because who would want to go out on the town when you can stay at home in PJs and watch Beneditch Cumberpatch run around on your tv)! Needless to say it was amazing! We watched all six episodes (1 hr 30 minute long episodes) in 24 hours. While of course going to church, youth group, and setting up for the Renaissance Festival….we haven’t slept much this weekend. It was worth it though! Cause Ashley now knows who she is going to marry, Beneditch Cumberpatch just doesn’t know it yet apparently haha! But now that we have caught up to the season….we have to wait until Fall to see the next season! I hate getting caught up to seasons!

Thanks to Ashley I’ve had a wonderful weekend and am ready to tackel the next 2 weeks of classes (thought I only have to go 7 days lol go me!) This little rant was fun 🙂 I’m starting to get into the hang of blogging more than once a week! This is twice in the last two days! Go me!!!! 🙂

Talk to Ya’ll Soon:D


MS Walk And A Relaxing Afternoon

So, I’m just going to stop apologizing for taking so many breaks inbetween posts. I am honestly going to try to post more, but with Finals coming up and everything life is going to be a little hectic.

Anyway! On to my exciting last few days! The major event that has happened so far is my sorority and I went and participated in the MS Walk here in town. My brother was diagnoised with Multiple Sclerosis 7 or 8 years ago, so I was very proud when my sorority decided to help support the research behind this disease. They will never know how deeply thankful I am that we decided to do this philanthropy. p>

Once we were done at the walk, I spent the rest of the day hanging out with my best friend, then going to the barn to ride. There is something to be said about having a relaxing day and not really having to do anything in particular. I know this will probably be the last weekend I’ll have for awhile to relax at the house so I am going to take full advantage of it!

So, as some of you might have noticed (if you went and switched over to my youtube account) I have not been posting any vlogs and neither has my brother. Well due to some heath problems (on both sides) and some rather busy schedules it doesn’t look like we are going to be able to do this communication experiement. I’m sorry for those of you who were looking forward to seeing how this went. But the timeing just wasn’t right. Hopefully we will be able to try again sometime when our schedules calm down.

As for the rest of the weekend, I plan on spending it in front of my tv watching Sherlock with my best friend and of course going to church tommorow and setting up for the Renaissance Festival tommorow as well. I have greatly enjoyed my relaxing/fun day today, but sadly it looks like my schedule is pretty full for the next couple weeks! I can’t believe this semester is almost over!

Well for all of you who are fixing to start finals, or are graduating, or are just stressed out….I want to wish you all the best of luck in the next couple of weeks! It’s going to be stressful but with a lot of coffee, some junk food, and some rather late nights we can all get through it!

I’ll post back again soon! I promise!