Acquire The Fire

So once again I haven’t been blogging so I need to change something so that I won’t forget to upload a post every week. If I don’t then my new years resolution is going to fail!


Anyway this is going to be a short post. As some of you know, I am deeply involved with my youth group at my church. Well this weekend we are going to a youth conference in Nashville called Acquire the Fire! It’s an intense 27 hour experience filled with concerts, dramas, and a couple sermons. This year’s theme is the “Relentless Pursuit”! I am so excited for this trip and I know that it will be good for our youth to experience (I went four years ago and loved it). So of course come sunday I’ll put up a post of how the weekend went. It should be amazing!

Current Youth Count: 6 Girls

Chaperones: 4 Adults

We are going to have a blast! Hope ya’ll have as much fun this weekend, as I am going to!


College, Les Mis, and the Technology Age

So, obviously I have kinda, ok totally been failing at my new years resolution about blogging every week. So this post will probably end up being  a lot longer than my other two were.

First off! Classes have begun again! This past week was my first full week back and to say the least it was slightly daunting. I am taking 16 hours this semester which includes the following classes: Abnormal Psychology, College Algebra, English Literature (Monsters and Outcasts), Women’s Chorus, Theatre Appreciation, Micro Computer Applications in Agriculture.  Can you guess which one of these is turning out to be my favorite class so far?

Anyway, between my 16 hours, my sorority, being an assistant youth director at my church, and being involved in a couple other things at church, I have been slightly busy.:) Not  that I’m complaining or anything! I would much rather be very busy than laying around bored every day of my life.

Now one of the best things that I have recently been apart of (besides my college education, sorority, and church) was being able to FINALLY see Les Mis in theaters! The movie has to be one of my most favorite musical-film adaptations to this day! I must say when I saw the cast list, at first I was a bit skeptical as to how well it would turn out. But it was amazing!

My favorite characters from this musical would have to be ValJean and Eponine, but due to this adaptation I have recently fell in love with Javert. (ALOT OF SPOILERS COMING UP!!)
Most of these characters are misunderstood and wronged greatly by other characters in the musical, yet over come the obstacles in one way or another. Valjean is put in jail for 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread and resisting arrest, yet he is able to break parole (which is why Inspector Javert is searching for him) and make a better life for himself as the mayor of a city as well as save an innocent woman and her child whom he ends u[p raising. Now Eponine is everyone’s favorite character. She is the ultimate example of being “friend-zoned”. She even goes as far as to introduce the man she loved to his future wife. This of course happens only scenes before Eponine dies at the infamous Barracade. As for Javert, he is the lawman who ends up chasing Valjean to the ends of the Earth for breaking parole. The sole reason why I have fallen in love with this character is solely because he was a man whom strongly believed he was doing the will of justice by chasing Valjean, yet after Valjean saves his life and the life of others (multiple times) he ends up letting Valjean go. But it’s the way he gives Valjean his freedom that breaks the heart of each and every person who watches the movie or stage production.  Javert commits suicide… He does this because his whole world has been brought down around him. He had such a strong belief in the justice system and the laws that surround it, that when he began to question the validity of his whole world it proved to be to much for him 😦

Thankfully, when I went to go see this movie with my younger cousin, I had previously been introduced to the story line and new the intricate plot lines between the characters. But sadly it seems that my cousin and I were the only ones in the theater who knew the story at all. (Granted there was only one other group at the theater, which were three younger high schools students). This group of children, who obviously could not read the deeper meaning of Javert’s death or Valjean letting Cossete marry Marius, had the guts to not only laugh when Valjean sang about “Cossette never being his to loose” but also cheered and clapped when Javert took his own life.  While I might add, my cousin and I were bawling our eyes out through 80% of the entire movie!

I credit the youth’s uncultured background to the fact that the younger children are too obsessed and involved with technology now-a-days. Now I know what you are probably thinking. “What is she saying, she owns an Iphone and is typing an internet blog on a tablet! She has no room to talk.” Well honestly, I don’t think I am as bad as the younger generation has gotten. I know how to”unplug” myself from my technology. And more times than not you will find me with a book in my hand instead of my phone or anything that connects to facebook, twitter, pinterest, or any other online site that so many people today waste hours of their lives on. It’s a shame that the majority of our youth today would rather play a video game or search the net instead of curling up with a good book or actually communicating with their friends (and no folks, texting does not count). I do realise that I am generalizing a large amount of kids and that there are a few out there that would rather read a book, but those are few and far between, That’s why I want to challenge the few of you who read my blog, to go out and introduce a young person in your life to the wonderful world of literature! Because I know I wouldn’t be the literature-nut that I am today had it not been for one very enthusiastic, maybe odd at sometimes, yet enthralling teacher who taught my English class  all through-out high school. I don’t know if he reads this, but I know that Mr. Nance was one of the most influential teachers that I ever had, he made literature so inviting and fun that it has stuck with me! I know I am not the only one of his students to think this. So on behalf of us all, THANKS MR.NANCE!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! And remember, take time to stop and smell the roses as well as explore a new book. Who knows where you’ll end up. Books will take you on far off adventures, if you’ll only let them! =D