2013 Is Finally Here!

Happy New Year!

This past year has been very busy, filled with drama, stress, and many experiences that were absolutely amazing. But I won’t bore you with a total recap of everything that has happened to me.

I have recently been inspired by a friend of mine who has her own blog to start my very own one. In this blog I wil share my thoughts on current events, movies, books, and college. Amoung other things as well.

I know that the majority of you are friends and family who are just thrilled to read my thoughts on these subjects. But for those of you who I don’t know, I would like to say welcome and thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Currently I do not know exactly what days I will be blogging, but I can assure you that I will blog at least once a week. Thank you so much for accompanying me on this journey, It should prove to be very interesting.

Now I am off to eat a bunch of finger foods and watch a Bones marathon until the fateful time that the ball will drop on 2013. I hope everyone has a wonderful time celebrating the New Year! Stay Safe!



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